Frequently Asked Questions / Policies

How do I join Junie O Jewelry?

Joining Junie O Jewelry is easy. All you have to do is click on memberships, select your membership and click Join. Next you will pay for your selected membership. Please make sure your email is correct before submitting.  You will receive your welcome email with a link to "My Junie O".  This may take a few minutes. Please do not panic!!! The system has to verify your information and create email link! Once you receive your Welcome email Click on provided link and create your account. We are always just an email away at to assist you!

What is a Junie O Jewelry Membership?

Currently, we offer three types of memberships. All memberships are good for one year from the date of purchase. 

What memberships do you offer and what does it include.

The three memberships are:

  1. Our Basic Membership - This membership includes 10% off all of our products excluding Sterling Silver and our Special Member Pricing Products.  Social Media Perks and Access to My Junie O to purchase Jewelry.
  2. Cosmo-Girl Membership- Includes 25% off non-sterling silver products, Special Member Pricing Products, 5% Off sterling silver, social media Perks, one 50% off code, which will be given to you randomly and access to My Junie O.
  3. VIP Membership - Includes 40% Off our non-sterling silver products, special member pricing, 10% Off sterling Silver products, social media perks, two 50% off Code, which will be given to you randomly, VIP reward points and access to My Junie O.

What is Special Member Pricing?

Special Member Pricing are products that are prices specifically for our members. You can find jewelry items priced as low as $6.00! These products are found under VIP section at My Junie O.

How much are your memberships? 

  1. Basic Membership - $9.95 -
  2. Cosmo- Girl - $19.95
  3. VIP- $49.95

Which membership is best for me?

Basic - This  Membership is for the Woman who is the casual Jewelry Shopper and uses jewelry to spice up any outfit. 

Cosmo-Girl - This Membership is perfect for the Avid Jewelry Shopper. Perfect for that Cosmopolitan Woman at work or play! 

VIP - This Membership was designed for the Woman LOVES Jewelry and can appreciate the VIP Treatment.

Do you automatically charge my credit card after my year membership is over?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! We do not appreciate this when it happens to any one of us! We want to EARN your business. We will give you a friendly reminder that your membership will expire and it will be YOUR CHOICE if you want to continue doing business with us!

Can I cancel my membership

 We do not charge monthly fees therefore there is no need to cancel membership. Once you make your first purchase through My Junie O your membership is valid for a year.  However, if you join, but never purchase from My Junie O you can get a refund on membership, but this will have to be done within 7 days of joining so contact us immediately after joining. 


What are your return policies?

Fashion Jewelry, Add a Charm, and Sterling Silver - Unused and Unworn items should be returned within 30 days of purchase. You are responsible for return delivery. Once we receive item we will process your refund.

Special Member Priced Items - 7 day Return Policy form date of delivery. We keep this policy in order to keep prices low.

Signature Collections - 7 day Return Policy and is subject to a restocking fee! This is because every Signature Collection item is hand-made just for you! 

What if I receive item damaged from shipping?

If you received an item damaged from shipping please contact us immediately through your account. This should be reported within 7 days of receiving order in order for us to replace item. 

We are a small business that provide large member discounts and in order to stay in business we have to have a strict return policy. We always suggest contacting us if you have a question about a product before purchasing. 

Signature Collections

what are Signature Collections?

 The Signature collections are what brought Junie O Jewelry to life!  Our Necklaces are "Made to order" just for you! Every necklace is handcrafted in our in house studio. Most designs you can choose your metal tones and accent colors. Just contact us through your My Junie O account with requests. All of our Signature Collection Necklaces come with a Life-Time Warranty on Craftsmanship. You will receive a warranty card with each necklace.  Our designs are unique to Junie O Jewelry and are copy-righted. 

What if I drop my necklace and it breaks?

Our Signature Collection are made from Flamed-Torched Glass and can break if dropped. We suggest  "putting on" your necklace on a soft surface like carpet. If the unfortunate event happens and you break / crack any part of your necklace we can fix it. Just ship it back to us and will fit it at no cost to you.  However, if a pendant is broken we may have to charge a replacement fee. Being able to fix/replace parts is all dependent on availability. You will be responsible for shipping to us and depending on location you may be responsible for shipping back to you. 

What if I decide I do not like the way it looks?

We have been selling our Signature Collection Necklaces for 7 years and have not had this happen. However, there is a first time for everything! Since our Signature Collections are "Made to Order" a restocking fee of 15% will be charged before we can process return and your responsible for shipping.

Don't see the answer to your question please contact us at or click here.